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'Joker' is the latest case of commerce masquerading as art. Defending "Joker" amid pre-release criticism, director Todd Phillips reminded us that art doesn't always make people comfortable. Trumps No. 1 Obsession (No, Its Not Impeachment). In their new book, our colleagues write about the issue the president is sure to focus on in 2020. Regeneration A Miracle, Against the Odds. Months after Id shaved my head for cancer treatment, my old hair dropped out of the sky. Want to Learn More About Breast Cancer? Read This Book. A 35-year-old journalist responded to her diagnosis with questions lots of them. In Radical, she delivers the facts and the story of her treatment. New in Paperback The Big Fella and Identity. Six new paperbacks to check out this week. Baghdad lifts curfew as unrest death-toll soars. More than 70 Iraqis have now been killed in several days of deadly protests, as the police used hardline tactics. Baghdad did lift a curfew though -- protesters were ignoring it anyway. There's little to grab your attention or stir the soul in the BP Portrait Award 2019. It's a show that has been making headlines - though for the wrong reasons, as far as its organisers are concerned. Trump Pressed Australian Leader to Help Barr Investigate Mueller Inquirys Origins. The discussion was another instance of the president using American diplomacy for potential personal gain. Gold Coast motorist who paid for all-day-parking is FINED $80 due to glitch in booking app. David Henderson paid $6.60 for an all-day parking spot on Cloyne Road, Southport, in Queensland via the council's EasyPark app at about 9am on Thursday. Tori Spelling says she had an 'awkward' relationship with step-son Jack McDermott until he came out. Tori Spelling took to social media on Monday to share the strained and awkward relationship she had with her step-son Jack in his teenage years, until he came out as gay. How do I make my college essay better What is a good score for Aleks Does homework actually help New SpaceX animation of Starship launching shows plans to turn Texas into interplanetary hub. Newly released video from Elon Musk's Space X shows how the company would turn a small town in Texas into a major hub for interplanetary travel built around its cutting edge Starship prototype. Woman arrested on her own property for filming traffic police making a bust outside her house. Emily Good found herself in handcuffs after filming police arresting a man just outside her New York home. Why the Joker Movie Was a Risk Warner Bros. Wanted to Take. The studio set out to make a boundary-pushing film. The early reaction has included critical praise and deep unease about the films violence and message. Natalie Portman Shoots for the Stars and Loses Her Mind. The actor finally fulfills a childhood dream, sort of, by climbing into a spacesuit to play a tormented astronaut in Lucy in the Sky. And soon shell wield the hammer as female Thor. Senior police officer says Action Fraud doesn't give police cases they should investigate. A senior police officer at a southern England force said the UK's system of reporting fraud doesn't provide police with information they should investigate and doesn't consider victims' needs. When Get Out Is a Presidents National Security Strategy. President Trump has demonstrated that in his pursuit of ending Americas endless wars, no troop presence abroad is too small to escape his desire to terminate it.

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