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History and Download

I wrote my Diploma Work in . Its subject was: Computer-assisted Generation of the Lagrange Equations for Holonomic Rigid Body Systems. My own documents of this work consisted of a couple single pages. I decided in 2013 to edit the information of these pages in electronical form. And here it is: My Diploma work as PDF document.

At the same time I made some effort to reanimate the original computer program. The technique has developed greatly since 1978. In todays days a PC performs better than the IBM-360 mainframe in these older days. Consequently I looked for a possibility to implement a program at the PC. This possibility provides Mathematica. I ported the original PL1/FORMAC program step by step to Mathematica.

For guys who are interrested in the theoretical basics and in the functionality of the original program (perhaps for learning purposes) I provide this PDF document here. (German language only)



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