The program "Cardbox E-Learning" emulates learning with card files.

The following functions are supported by the program:

  • The creation of learning packages consisting of lessons, sublessons and card files
  • The selection of a lesson into a cardbox
  • Memorising knowledge with the cardbox
  • Testing knowledge with the cardbox
  • Supports several independent cardboxes per learning package
  • Import and export functionality
  • User interface in German and English language

To view a few screenshots of this application click this link.

System Requirements

Software requirements:

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 - x86 / x64
  • .Net Framework 4.5
  • SQL LocalDb

Hardware requirements:

  • PC should be equipped with a minimum of 4GB memory
  • there should be a minimum of 50MB free HDD space

Use Cases

Creation of Learning Packages

Here lessons and sublessons are defined interactively in the lesson tree and subsequently card files are defined and assigned to the lessons. Learning packages are stored in SQL databases. Basically an arbitrary amount of learning packages can be created.

Choose a Lesson / Sublesson and Assign it to a Cardbox

Here a sublesson is put into a virtual cardbox. The original learning package is not changed hereby. After a reset of the cardbox one can start learning from the beginning.

Learning Mode

Here single card files are taken from the cardbox one after the other and presented to the user for memorisation

Test Mode

Here single card files are taken from the cardbox one after the other and their question can be presented to the user. The user can unhide the answer and decide whether he/she answered correctly.

Import / Export

Here learning packages can be imported from different sources or exported to different target formats.

The Definition of Cardboxes

Up to 10 independent cardboxes can be activated per learning package and one can assign them an arbitrary label.

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