You have chosen Jürgen's Internet Presence.

Here will be developed bit by bit an Internet presence.

One of my main concerns is the presentation of the trials and results in "Computer Assisted Generation of the Lagrange Equations for Holonomic Rigid Body Systems". This is therefore the subject of the first content, which will be presented here.

One more Mathematica application I want to present here is a solution for the derivation of complex-conjugate expressions I developed in the meantime.

The most current Mathematica application I want to mention here, is Quantum Algebra, an application which continues the work of Cesar Guerra G. from 2004.

A further content which will be presented here are my programming projects. If you like you will be able to download the programs in the appropriate download area. Cardbox E-Learning is the first program I present here. It supports learning with card files according to the 5-compartment-system.

A new category in the menu is "Science". I will publish here some scientific works and opinions. The first subject is Bell's Inequality and if it is really the end for local-realistic attempts to explain results of experiments with entangled particles.


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