Copyright (©) [2015] [Jürgen Habelt]

This program is free software. You can use it according to the conditions of the  German Free Software License.


To download the application please use the following link:

Cardbox E-Learning Download (Installer)


You can download the package from Heise too (virus checked):

Cardbox E-Learning - Download - heise online


Accompanying Content

In the Samples folder (Documents\CardboxLearning\Samples) are three csv samples:

  1. SamplePackage.csv with 5 lessons English-German without sound files
  2. with 5 lessons for German users equipped with sound files for pronounciation of English words
  3. Default-Export-mit-MathJax.csv with content demonstrating HTML formatting and usage of mathematical formulas.

Each of them can be imported as Learning Package to view and use their content or studied for csv file structure

A few hints how to install the application:

  • Invoke the Setup and follow the instrcutions and hints
  • The Setup will also install the .Net Framework 4.5 and SqlLocalDb if not already installed
  • During the first invocation a Default learning package will be created
  • Subsequently additional packages can be created or opened in the user interface

Recommendations for the work with the program

  • Use SqlLocalDb if possible, SqlLocalDb can coexist with SQLEXPRESS instances
  • If using SQLEXPRESS, start the program with Administrator rights. This is necessary to execute several menu commands like Rename, Create Package and Open Package. The reason is that SQLEXPRESS has more restrictions for database handling built in.

> Release Notes

1.11 - released on 03-07-2018

New Features

  1. Multimedia Support added
    1. Supported are Pdf Files, Pictures, Short Audio and Video Sequences
    2. Those files are part of a learn package and can be included in the Answer box of a Record Card (in Html mode only)
    3. A multimedia window permits selection of those files and drag & drop actions to append them in the answers box
    4. A blob (Binary Large Objects) browser tab of the same window permits browsing through the multimedia objects already present in the database and also drag & drop actions for additional insertions
    5. The multimedia content is also supported in data export / import
  2. Support for Mathematical Formulas improved
    1. MathJax support was already present in the application, it enables the display of mathematical formulas
    2. Now an additional window is available enabling the interactive input of those formulas
    3. Using copy & paste actions one can include such formulas into the answer box
  3. Theme Support was added
    1. One can select a theme or skin to change the visual appearance of the application windows
    2. This can be done by using a configuration window
    3. The appearance changes immediately without restarting the application
  4. Change of the Software Requirements
    1. The application is now based on .Net Framework 4.6
    2. The database providers LocalDB 2016 and LocalDB 2017 are supported by now
    3. If you installed an update of the application and started it the the first time, the database provider would change to LocalDB 2017
    4. Opening a learn package the first time after the update migrates it to the new version automatically, but a way back is not possible
  5. Docking of Modeless Windows implemented
    1. Both the multimedia window and the formula editor can be docked on the main window.
    2. This means, its position snaps to a side of the main window and it will be moved together with it.
    3. This docking must be explicitely removed to cancel the docking
    4. An established docking is persistent, e.g. will be remembered through application invokations

Bug Fixes

  1. Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements
    1. Where bugs have been detected they were fixed
    2. The data exchange window now no longer causes an automatic reload of the learn package. This is done only if the learn package currently open was overridden by the data exchange


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