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The Quantum Algebra extension uses a number of notations to improve the readability of expressions. They supplement the notations that already exist in the basic package. This also takes into account the need for documentation.

Notations of the basic package:

  • Operator Notation
  • Superdagger
  • Centerdot

Additional Notations

  • Integral
  • Total Notation
  • Partial Derivative
  • Small Circle



Name Sample Notation FullForm - Simplified or Complete Expression
Operator Operator 1 Operator[d, "H",
 List[Subscript[p, 1], Subscript[p, 2], Subscript[p, 3]], List[1]]
SuperDagger Operator 1 Hermitian[Operator[d,
 List[Subscript[p, 1], Subscript[p, 2], Subscript[p, 3]], List[1]]]
CenterDot Center Dot NonCommutativeMultiply[Operator[d,"H",List[Subscript[p, 1]], List[1]],
Operator[d, List[Subscript[p, 1]], List[1]]]
QAIntegrate Integrate QAIntegrate[Subscript[p, i], V, 3, x]
QASum Sum 1 QASum[Operator[d, "H",
 List[Subscript[p, 1], Subscript[p, 2], Subscript[p, 3]], List[1]],p]
QAD Derivative QAD[\[psi] // Evaluate, Subscript[x, i]]
SmallCircle Small Circle  SmallCircle[ma1, ma2]


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