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Creating Packages Offline

To create packages offline you must prepare a CSV file. It can be imported as Learning Package by using the data exchange function of the program. How you can import will be explained in the section about data exchange.

General structure of the CSV file:

  1. Each cardfile occupies an own input line
  2. Exactly the first cardfile of each lesson / sublesson is signed with the name of those lesson / sublesson
  3. Delimiter between the items is the semicolon. Single entries of a cardfile must not contain a semicolon or newline character.
  4. To make semicolon / newline in Question / Answer usable, the following "Entity References" can be used: {semi} for a semicolon, {newline} for a line break.
  5. The whole file must be encoded in UTF-8 code.

A single line is structured as follows:

Column Content
1 Lesson name for the first cardfile of a lesson, empty for successors
2 Sublesson name for the first cardfile of a sublesson, empty for successors
3 Empty
4 Question of the cardfile
5 Answer of the cardfile

Empty or a reference to a sound file in mp3 format (relative to csv file), intended for the pronounciation of foreign vocables

A sample file will be provided here . It contains 3 lessons from a English - German - Learning Package.


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