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Extra Functionality

Additionally the following extra functionality exists:

  1. Data exchange in the menu Learning Package (export, import). This will be explained in an extra section.
  2. Open, Create and Rename in the menu Learning Package
  3. Editing of cardboxes in the menu Cardbox
  4. Display of the "About" - Box in the Help menu. It displays version information.
  5. Display of the User's Manual in the Web by using the Help menu.

Editing the Cardboxes

In Base Mode you switch to the edit mode of the cardboxes by using the menu command Cardbox - Edit Cardboxes. The cardbox tabs change their view. You can do the following:

  1. The "In Use" state of each cardbox can be changed by clicking the appropriate checkbox.
    A cardbox with the checkbox unchecked will be invisible in the normal state
  2. Per input box you can edit the name of the cardbox.

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